We're an independent costs comparison tool,

designed to assist consumers who're exploring IVF or ICSI treatments.


This site was birthed from witnessing the frustrations and confusions experienced by many couples (including those in our world) when it comes to weighing up the costs of treatment. "This  Can't Be Rocket Science?!", so we thought. To our bewilderment, the information in the public domain is indeed fuzzy.

If you're just starting out, it's likely you'll find difficulty in understanding the fertility centres' published fees. Here's a common one: do you wonder why the advertised out-of-pocket fees commonly assume you've reached the Medicare Safety Net? What if you haven't?   

Guided by ACCC's principles for comparator websites and free from commercial influence, we're advocating for the basic rights of consumers to be informed and to be price-aware when making significant decisions. Click here to learn how fees are compared. 

With increased clarity and understanding, you and your choice provider can focus on what is truly important - YOUR TREATMENT.  



Emily began her career in a Private Trustee Services outfit of an investment bank in Asia and subsequently headed the department. During her 6-year stint in the industry, her focus was in wealth preservation and succession planning for small business owners to substantial shareholders of public listed companies. She was a regular contributor in financial planning magazines in her area of expertise.

In 2011, she relocated back to Australia and was in full time legal practice focusing largely on immigration and administrative law.

Her practice areas involved advising small and medium enterprises of various regulatory requirements and compliance issues. In 2014, she took a backseat in legal practice and joined a hospitality business in Melbourne. She then resumed lawyering and at the same time taking on management responsibilities as the chief operating officer.

​With close family and friends that have experienced successful and failed IVF treatments, this area has become of interest to her. 

Emily holds a Bachelors of Law from University of Melbourne. She was admitted to the Supreme Court of NSW in 2004 and entered in the High Court Register of Practitioners in 2011.

As one being socially conscious, she is a volunteer on Streets Team (CityCare) since 2011, an initiative to alleviate isolation and improve social connected-ness in the Redfern public housing areas. She is also a Trade Specialists (Legal) with the !gnite Small Business Start Ups, an initiative by Settlement Services International to facilitate business creation for people from refugee backgrounds.