cost items

Understand what you're paying for 

After meeting your fertility specialist for initial investigations and deciding​ on a treatment plan, the fertility centre will provide you with a written fee quote.


Familiarising yourself with the standard cost items and the "extras" will reduce unwanted surprises.

For a standard fresh cycle, your cost items are:



















N/B: The above cost items and the comparison results are for standard FRESH CYCLES only and does not include frozen cycles or any additional investigations or medications that your fertility specialist may prescribe.

Additional Costs

Common Extras, Add-Ons & "Hiddens"

1.  Embryo freezing

If you've surplus embryos that are suitable for storage, you'd need to take into account freezing and ongoing storage costs (which vary between centres). These extra costs can add up to hundreds of dollars overtime. Note that a handful of IVF centres include 1-2 years of embryo freezing costs as part of the treatment cost. For the purposes of this site, we've utilised the storage fee for up to 6 months in the comparison.

2.  Medications

For Medicare cardholders, you pay a co-payment of $39.50 per medication (or $6.40 for Concession cardholders) (see Medicare section for further details). Generally, the medication for each cycle amounts to approx $200 (or $35 for Concession cardholders).


As IVF medications are heavily subsidised, they can only be prescribed for specific purposes under certain conditions (ie Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) - Authority Required prescriptions).


The 4 main categories of medication approved for IVF/ICSI cycle (Section 100 PBS Authority Required - streamlined) are:

  • for stimulation

  • for prevention of premature ovulation

  • for trigger

  • for luteal support

For non-Medicare cardholders, standard medications will cost approx $2,000 per cycle.

When do I have to pay extra?

The following are some examples:


  • If you require additional stimulation medication on top of that for a normal cycle.

  • If you require special trigger injections to prevent Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS).

  • If you require ongoing Progesterone (eg gel, pessary or HCG injection) for luteal support  beyond the initial 2 weeks after implantation (NB: This does not fall within the PBS Authority Required criteria).

  • If your specialist prescribes a restricted PBS medication (or has a requirement to gain an 'authority'), the medication cannot be prescribed or subsidised under PBS unless you satisfy the requirement. 

  • If you perform any blood tests and/or scans outside the centre or its affiliates.

Auxiliary Services

Prior to or during your treatment, your specialist may recommend certain auxiliary services based on your circumstances. The costs of these services are not included in a standard cycle fee. Such services may include (but not limited to):

  • Surgical sperm extraction

  • Egg/sperm freezing

  • Sperm selection techniques

  • Special culture media

  • Genetic testing on embryos and associated workup fee

  • General anaesthesia for embryo transfer due to unexpected difficulties or known vaginismus

  • Exporting and importing egg/sperm/embryos to or from another fertility centre